Business Experience

  1. Master of Business Administration

  2. Extensive (18 years) international experience in operations with ABB, Novartis and DBT/Bucyrus in country and headquarter positions as well as own consulting companies

  3. General Management Experience

  4. Negotiation Experience for multi-million USD contracts



Emmanouil Thalassinos

Offered Consulting Services

  1. Restructuring of entities

  2. Interim Management of Finance divisions

  3. Management of global Finance projects

  4. Optimization of global Purchasing, Manufacturing and Engineering divisions

  5. Optimization of global IT spending

If you decide to call on external professional support for managing the complexity of a huge change endeavor you found the right partner:

Emmanouil Thalassinos, short form ET.

Phone  +49 (175) 433 93 58  |  Email

An der Maitanne 24a  |  64295 Darmstadt Germany